When brands talk to consumers, not data

From the Huffington Post: 

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with Zach Simmons, founder & CEO of Discuss.io. With over 15 years of experience designing, building, shipping and marketing software products Zach is on a mission to fundamentally change how brands get to know their target audience. After landing nearly $5 million in additional funding the first half of this year, Discuss.io how he intends to do so.

Zach shared with me his perspective…

“Take a minute to think about your favorite product, commercial, or ad campaign. Ask yourself: What made it memorable? What did you like about it?

Research is a critical part of the formula for success for any brand. Long before you ever see it, brands are asking these same questions. Going through multiple layers of consumer research to make sure that their products and marketing will resonate with consumers before releasing anything to the public. Now, in a move to deepen the consumer connection, brands are expanding far beyond their original product-testing mandate. Simply put, brands are trying to understand consumers themselves, not just what tradition research tells them.

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