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Discuss Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in GreenBook

Well, it’s the close of another year (and what a year it was!) and while that means many things to many people, for me it means one of my favorite annual events: our year-ahead Market Research Predictions!

This year I reached out to many of the best and brightest in the insights and analytics space, and asked them for their predictions for 2022. They delivered in spades, with a deep, broad, and varied set of thoughts on what the year ahead will bring for market research and marketing analytics.

There are themes that run through all of these predictions, mainly about the continuing disruption brought by technology to our space, but also about the ongoing long-tail impact of Covid-19 and related changes in consumer behavior, economic factors, and evolving business processes that will continue to reshape our industry. Of course, many also focus on the unprecedented growth and concomitant volume of M&A/Investment activity targeting our industry and what that means for the future as well. Overall the take seems to be that while 2021 was an exciting year, 2022 likely holds more of the same!

As always, none of our would-be seers have a crystal ball or a time machine, and we know that predicting the future accurately is a rare trait. However, our soothsayers are experienced business leaders and change agents, and they are folks I would never bet against based on their stellar bios and accomplishments. I suggest that you take each with a grain of salt and all the open-mindedness you can muster.

Jim Longo, Chief Strategy Officer of Discuss:

“Digital transformation is here to stay – there’s no going back to the way things were pre-COVID. By moving so much of our lives online, we’ve uncovered the fact that consumers value the convenience of this new lifestyle, whether for work or shopping. But now they have higher expectations for customization and personal experiences. As a result, CX has become a major focus – companies that have deeply understood consumers not only provide extraordinary experiences, but they’ve thrived in an increasingly crowded online marketplace.

A stronger focus on CX will bring more interest in customer closeness programs that have the power to build empathy, as organizations seek to further educate themselves on consumers’ lifestyles, wants, and needs. And as organizations become more agile to survive, consumer voices will feedback into the iteration process, influencing everything from marketing to design and innovation.”

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