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Discuss Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Econsultancy

What is in store for CX and UX in 2022?

We’ve had some clues in 2021 – sustainability, inclusion, privacy, user-centricity, video, automation, empathy and trust. How will these play out in customer experience over the next 12 months?

We asked the experts…

Jim Longo, Discuss:

“Qualitative market research functions will integrate with customer and user experience teams. CX teams can no longer solely rely on consumers’ quantitative data to inform product delivery and other decisions. As qualitative research further supports innovation at more stages of the product life cycle, the voice of the customer (VOC) will become essential in informing how to improve their experiences.

“As the need for qualitative feedback directly from consumers increases, CX and VOC tools will rise in importance. This will become critical as organisations need new windows into people’s experiences. Supply chain disruptions and labour shortages have led to unmet customer expectations, and fewer brick-and-mortar experiences means more work needs to be done in CX and UX.”

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