Discuss in Quirk’s Media – Minimizing fraud risk from generative AI in marketing research

Discuss Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Quirks Media

Since the beginning of this year, generative AI has hit like a tidal wave. Market research has entered a generative AI world, and there’s going to be winners and losers. The winners will be those who embrace AI, but this article highlights the other key element to winning in this new world – preparing for and navigating away from the new risks that will now be part of market research. This article will help provide a navigational map around those risks.

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is transforming global markets and enterprises of all sizes. According to Forrester Research’s 2024 planning guide for technology executives (registration required), 51% of global business and technology professionals at future-fit organizations say their organizations have implemented and are currently expanding their investment in AI infrastructure. Forrester also forecasts that 59% of AI software spend will be generative by 2030.

In this article, I’ll guide you through how researchers can minimize fraud risk from generative AI in marketing research.

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