Discuss in Forbes – The Data-Driven Future

Discuss Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Jim Longo in Forbes.

In the post-Covid world, technology has transformed customer buying habits as well as how organizations glean customer insights.

Technology, especially generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), is now driving more changes that are guiding today’s businesses toward a more informed, data-driven future. This new era that’s now upon researchers comes at a time when the pressure is building to better understand customers faster due to habits changing faster than ever.

According to Forrester, GenAI will have an average annual growth rate of 36% up to 2030, capturing 55% of the AI software market. In other words, we are living at a time when GenAI and advanced analytics have accelerated the evolution of market research, and companies should understand this trend as they try to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape.

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