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Innovative Technology Platform

Mobile Screen Sharing extends its global smart video platform to the mobile device with our latest innovation – a Mobile Screen Sharing App that is an integrated part of our consumer conversation program.

  • Interview the respondent while watching them navigate their mobile device in real-time
  • Capture the facial expressions, tone of voice and mobile screen interactions with recorded video, transcription and key takeaways
  • Integrate their mobile experience into all of the qualitative research features and workflow of the platform
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Video Market Research with Mobile

All of the Features of - Applied to Mobile Screen UX

Recruiting, screening, scheduling, discussion guides, save the moment video clips, auto-transcription, video sharing, privacy, security – these are all core capabilities of our smart video platform that makes it easy to have MORE conversations with MORE consumers. All are included and made better by adding the consumers’ mobile experience into the interview.

Mobile Screen Share Integrated into Market Research Meeting Room
Real Time Interaction
Real Time

See Each Tap, Scroll, Pinch or Zoom

Not only do you see the respondents mobile screen while interviewing them, you see where they are touching the screen and navigating a web page or app in real-time.

The moderator can send a specific link to the respondent (that is blinded to preserve privacy of prototypes, etc. after the session) that gets them directly to the experience you want them to discuss. All of this is recorded and available as part of the post-session editing and sharing features.

Track taps in mobile screen share

Key Features

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Privacy & Security

Access to the meeting room is controlled by session specific numeric and QR codes. All recordings and transcripts are protected under our same strict privacy policies.

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We've localized the app and presence in the Google and Apple App Stores in 14 languages. We can quickly add more languages as clients request them.

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Pause & Restart

The respondent or the moderator can pause screen sharing at any time for sensitive items like passwords or handling notifications. No recording of the screen happens and the respondent can manage their phone normally.

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Landscape vs Portrait View

When the respondent changes their view from portrait to landscape - the app automatically shows that adjustment in the meeting room as well.

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Share Specific Links

The moderator can share specific links - webpages, prototypes, etc. - that guides the respondent directly to the desired experience for discussion - privately.

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iOS, Android, Smartphone, Tablet

The Mobile Screen Share app is available in both the Apple and Google app stores for phones and tablets. It shares home screens, apps and mobile webpages.

Key Features

We’ve built a series of features to make the use of the mobile app easy to setup, secure in data, seamless in the conversation and take advantage of all of the other great capabilities developed.

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How the Mobile Screen Share App Works

Project Recruitment & Setup

Download App

Respondent downloads app for free from iOS iTunes or Google Play stores for free.

Live Video Conversations

Enter Secure Code

The respondent can either enter a unique code that is just for that interview session or scan a QR when entering to download the app and get directly into the meeting room.

Sharable Insights Across the Enterprise

Share Mobile Screen

Moderator allows respondent screen to be shared in the meeting room and the mobile experience interview continues!

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