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How Agencies Are Leveraging Discuss’ Market Research Tools

In one simple, easy to navigate market research software solution, Discuss enables agencies to deliver customer insights faster, impressing their clients and delivering great interview experiences for respondents. 

Features like a ‘save moment’ button and other easy-to-use clipping tools help researchers create powerful highlight reels with minimal video editing or technical expertise. Because insights can be extracted quickly, many Discuss partners share short video clips immediately after a session, giving clients a sneak peek of a study, allowing companies to hear directly from the voice of the customer when it matters the most. Saving time, resources, and administrative burden is what Discuss’ People Experience Platform was built for. 

See how agencies like Wonderlust Collective, 2CV, and Gongos are leveraging our purpose-built platform to share insights and wow their clients in this short video.

See the difference the Discuss People Experience Platform can make:

  • Generate clips automatically by keyword or phrases. Before a session, create tags for certain words or terms, the platform auto-clips those tags and creates auto-transcriptions using Natural Language Processing.
  • Save moments with ease. During live sessions, hit a ‘Save Moment’ button to create a clip that begins 15 minutes before you click the button, and ends 15 seconds after the moment you click it.
  • Highlight key themes. Post-session, easily add new tags for the system to identify and categorize even more parts of the conversation to validate or discover new themes.
  • Filter clips with ease. Search and filter video clips quickly with tags across different projects, location-specific markets, as well as particular positive, negative, neutral/mixed sentiments.
  • Easily share clips and highlight reels. With just one click, share out “aha” moments with noted sentiments and themes to colleagues and other key stakeholders — no Discuss account required for access. 

To learn more about how agencies can deliver more agile market research, watch our recent webcast with Forrester, “Rethinking the Agile Manifesto for Research.”

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