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Avoiding Negative Brand Perception

How Concept Testing Using Can Protect Brands

The Challenges

A large manufacturer of home improvement products based in North America wanted to obtain consumer feedback regarding packaging design concepts. Specifically, they were concerned about the possibility of any negative perceptions that might be elicited as the result of the product illustrations and the graphics that were being considered for the packaging. To add an additional challenge, their latest product launch was imminent, and there was no time for traditional methodological approaches.

The Solution

The brand’s long-time qualitative research partner, Sigma Research, conducted 25 one-on-one live video interviews among a national rep (US) sample. Sigma chose to use to host the sessions and recruit the participants, in part because their Programmatic Recruiting tool enabled the teams to recruit quality participants efficiently and cost effectively. It was imperative that Sigma be able to complete recruitment quickly due to the customer’s short timeline. Furthermore, by recruiting quality participants, they were able to ensure that the participants’ interactions with the stimuli and the moderator yielded the most beneficial insights.

The Results

Ultimately, the interviews shed light on consumers’ perceptions that, while subtle, appeared to have negative product and brand implications. As a result, the brand was able to fine tune the package designs well within their launch timetable and avert a misstep in consumers connection to brand promise.

“As we’ve been using online qualitative techniques for over 13 years, we know that when technology is involved, it is so very important to have the cooperation, help and a willing attitude of our partners. In short — the Discuss team was great to work with.”

– Foster Winter, Managing Director, Sigma Research

About Discuss enables brands to make better business decisions by engaging directly with consumers through real-time conversations. Using live video, brands are able to connect face-to-face, online, in order to achieve a rapid and deep-seated understanding of consumer perspectives and behaviors. This “agile empathy” encourages brands to make better real-time decisions, leading to reduced time to-market, successful products, and more effective marketing. The proprietary platform erases geographic barriers, expanding brands’ global reach and equipping them with a cultural and contextual understanding of the consumer populations that they target. Today, is powering consumer connection and empathy programs at many of the world’s leading brands. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. Please visit for more details.

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