Insight will always be as relevant as the data and input that generates it. Qualitative studies, both online and traditional, are particularly sensitive to circumstance. Setting, presence of other people, and even time of day can affect answers throughout each session. Traditional methods typically contain qualitative research to facilities for this very reason. However, doing so also narrows the diversity, range, and depth of insight that such studies collect. Online qual bypasses such limitations in a number of ways, as well offers unique benefits exclusive to the method.  

Recruitment Variety and Quality

First and foremost, online qual selects participants from far larger pools. Usually numbering in the millions and drawing respondents throughout the globe, such sourcing features far more variety than the standard metro area or tourist attraction. Researchers can more easily match respondents to their screening specifications, find rare or hard-to-reach participants, and explore viable, new segments.   

Ideally, online market research platforms also make screening a far simpler process. Teams can filter respondents through a wide range of criteria, quickly disperse follow-up questions or other materials, and more easily schedule research sessions. The increased pace that researchers can sort prospects, as well the general amount of available respondents, help ensure projects feature input from qualified participants without impacting time requirements.  

Responsiveness and Detail  

Participant answers can make or break a study. Ditto for observational detail: qualitative data depends on nonverbal communication much as verbal. HD streaming technology is integral for observing responses with the same detail as sessions within an actual facility. Participants, meanwhile, enjoy an altogether more casual experience that encourages them to share details or outlooks they would exclude in a traditional facility or in the company of strangers.    

Location-based Insight

Online methods enable researchers to conduct sessions from anywhere, so long there’s an internet connection. Such fluidity allows subjects to participant wherever they choose, be it an oft-frequented store or living space. Not merely convenient, sessions taking place in such locales offers valuable insight into participant lifestyles, interests, and outlooks. Such settings are also excellent reminders for participants, who, in turn, can offer more thorough answers to researchers.

Team Inclusion

Participants may only interact with a moderator or client rep, but whole teams often observe and analyze each session. One-way mirrors and other tricks predominate traditional methodology, as does uploading video footage for later analysis. Platforms like, meanwhile,  accommodate entire teams in real time. Researchers can absorb detail and insight from wherever they choose, simplifying logistics while boosting overall collaboration and turnaround.      

Processing and Speed is specifically for market research and includes all the tools a qualitative researcher requires. From selecting participants to coordinating sessions and analyzing footage, online methods streamline the organizing and execution of qualitative studies. Analysis is similarly convenient, with researchers able to pour over footage in real time, run transcription keyword searches, make video clips, and more. See what can do for you business. Check out our demo or contact us today!     

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