Telling Our Story – Unveiling an All New

A startup’s website is their most effective marketing and sales person. It’s their face and message to the world. Customers, prospects, investors, potential recruits, and journalists alike all form an impression of you based off of what they see on your website. We know that this first impression is extremely important in a startup’s journey to success and we strive to make ours a great one.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new website

You may ask yourself, why change the website when business is taking off and customers are demanding our product more and more? Our response is simple, but exemplary of who we are as a company: because we refuse to be complacent. We believe that we owe it to our customers, community, and ourselves to constantly strive to improve our products and the stories that we tell about them.

Reflecting on our history, we can see how far we’ve come since our creation four years ago. We want to respect this history by making a pointed effort to do a better job at telling our story. In order to do this, we sat down and evaluated our vision as a company. We asked ourselves, what is the message that we want to convey with this new website?

Ultimately, our inspiration came from a strong desire to highlight the strength of our technology and community to create connections between brands and consumers around the world. We wholly believe in the power of our technology and platform to use online focus groups and consumer interviews as a means to build better products, more effective marketing, and faster time to market. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that our new website would leverage our case studies, learning resources, and features in order to instil more confidence in our platform and product offerings.

Perhaps these were lofty goals for a startup with a limited marketing budget, but we set out not to be complacent, remember? So, how did we overcome these barriers? It wasn’t easy. Over the past couple of months, our Marketing team, specifically my colleagues Anthony Izzo, Céline Rosak, and myself engaged in countless rounds of creative discussions and ideation. After much deliberation, after we agreed on a strategy and creative direction, Céline and Anthony put in countless hours of hard work to translate our vision into the website that you see today.

To ensure that we were going in the right direction, we even conducted a usability study using our very own platform, which encouraged us to reconsider some components of the website, while validating others. We also leveraged the team for internal feedback to ensure that our new website would be effective for everyone across the organization.

Like our business, our website will continue to evolve. We hope that you will find the website to be a reflection of who we are and where we are going. If you have any feedback on the website, we would love to hear from you!

On behalf of the whole team at, I thank you for supporting us on our journey.




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