We made the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List

Once again, for the sixth year in a row, Discuss.io is honored to be featured in the 2020 GRIT Report.  Released by Greenbook, the report is one of the most acclaimed and widely read resources detailing trends and analysis of the market research industry, and has become a key metric for companies to understand their competitive position in the marketplace..

Discuss.io was featured in three categories:

  • #13 Qualitative Researcher
  • #22 Technology Provider
  • #38 Most Innovative Supplier

“We’re thrilled to be recognized for bringing an industry-leading consumer insights platform to the enterprise,” said Simon Glass, CEO of Discuss.io. “Discuss.io is committed to providing a comprehensive smart video solution as the world shifts from in-person customer closeness and adapts to more digital execution.” We are looking forward to keeping our foot on the gas with new product developments and extensions throughout the year.”

Unlike other market research suppliers, Discuss.io expertly blends the worlds of smart-video technology and customer experience into a single platform, offering a secure and superior interaction with consumers. The Discuss.io platform enables brands to bring clarity and structure to video conversations, with unique features like auto-transcription, “save the moment” video capture, and interactive whiteboards to generate more actionable insights that can be securely captured and shared across their organizations in real-time. In the face of a more remote workforce due to COVID-19, Discuss.io is offering a unified customer insights ecosystem that was not available to corporate leaders previously. 

The full GRIT Report is available for download, here. If you’re interested in learning more about discuss.io, book a demo with one of our sales representatives.

About Discuss.io

Discuss.io is an enterprise-level, smart market research platform for meetings that matter. Leading companies and their partners around the world trust Discuss.io to enable deep, purposeful connections with their key audiences and to securely capture and share insights across their organizations in real-time. 

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