3 Reasons to Capture Customer Feedback on Mobile

Have you ever wanted to launch a large-scale qualitative project with respondents that can join from any device, but you just didn’t have the tools? Or have you needed to conduct in-home ethnography projects, following respondents ‘in the moment’ through their mobile devices, but you weren’t sure how to go about it?

Researchers often come up against barriers such as these when trying to gain a more holistic picture of people’s lives for better insights. But there are tools that can get you where you need to go faster and with ease, as we’ll explore in this post.

Before starting a qualitative project, it’s important that respondents are able to speak freely from devices that fit in with their lifestyle. Times are changing. With mobile accounting for approximately half of web traffic worldwide (Statista), mobile device use has nearly overshadowed desktop use for people around the globe. As a result, CX, UX and insights teams are providing more ways to meet people where they are online, whether through mobile, a tablet or desktop.  

With Discuss, it’s easy to gain unmoderated feedback and hold live conversations with a seamless experience across any device. Respondents and observers can join a session from a phone or tablet and have the same great experience as a desktop.

Here are our top three reasons why leveraging a platform like Discuss for for mobile-based engagement is an ideal approach for turning experiences into insights:  

  1. Support global reach: As the world becomes increasingly mobile-dominant, people’s experiences may not always happen in front of a computer screen. Whether you’re looking to engage with Gen Z’ers that primarily shop or socialize on their phones, or those in communities that simply don’t use desktop computers, finding ways to connect via mobile is key.

    Today, 15% of American adults are mobile-only internet users, according to Pew Research. As you can see from the chart below, US adults aged 18-29 the most likely to rely solely on smartphones:
  2. Scale research: Connecting with the right target audiences and getting internal stakeholders, teams or clients actively involved to hear directly from consumers/users can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But with a flexible research platform, you can share research in real time, democratizing your research across your organization by enabling others to join and watch a session from any device. Agencies, too, can impress clients wherever they are with a mobile-first experience that also allows them to observe a session if they are away from their desk. 
  3. Enjoy ease of use: In a rapidly shifting consumer landscape, getting feedback and engaging with target audiences has never been harder, or more critical. Researchers and in-house teams are tasked with staying close to the consumer and making informed decisions. Yet many avoid the hassle and added complexity of mobile meeting rooms due to the complexity of apps and downloads required for a participant to join. Discuss was built for research with a simple-to-use experience for participants, researchers, and observers, which now extends to simple, browser-based mobile meeting rooms. 

Scale your research and expand your reach across the globe with an easy-to-use mobile meeting room designed with moderator, respondent, and observer needs in mind. See how Discuss offers a seamless experience with the features like polling, chat room, virtual whiteboards, stimulus sharing, and more:  

From unmoderated feedback to live conversations, Discuss provides a cohesive set of capabilities to connect and engage with target audiences faster and more effectively than ever.

To learn more about how to meet the demands of global customer research, read our new guide: “The New Rules for Global Customer Feedback.”

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