Making it easier to understand the consumer

Every year, GreenBook publishes the GRIT Report and exposes which new trends and innovations are on the minds of the suppliers and brands within the Market Research industry. This year, we looked at those trends and saw one sweeping commonality: the desire to better understand the consumer.

Of course, that’s the essence of the Insights industry. Over the years, this industry has grown more and more complicated, introducing new, granular ways that we can analyze the consumer. A lot of these methodologies and tools are incredibly powerful. But new tools and technology aren’t a silver bullet for all of your business challenges.

At the heart of the problem is a growing gap between the brand and the consumer. The solution is a need to become close to the consumer again. In this year’s GRIT Report, we addressed this idea of focusing on consumer closeness and breaking down barriers, in order to drive business transformation. Download our Commentary:

“Breaking down Barriers to Reach the Consumer and Transform Your Business”


Click here to access the full GRIT Report.

We believe that having conversations is the easiest way for teams to regain the closeness to consumers that they once had. Technology is not a cure-all, but it can certainly speed up the process. At, we leverage technology in order to make the process of having conversations and driving consumer closeness easier. To learn more about how you can help your organization become closer to consumers, start a conversation with us.

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