Introduction to Online Market Research: Qualitative Market Research

Great slide, Rosenfeld Media!

Great slide, Rosenfeld Media!

What Is Qualitative Market Research?

Research is important for capturing and keeping customers, but each method has its different strengths. Essential for understanding product reception and demand, qualitative market research uses interviews or focus group meetings to examine preference and reaction. Data and insight are valuable for finding details important for your customers. This information can be numeral, sure, but it primarily considers each participant’s ideas and input. Pay close attention to both. Each can make a dramatic effect on your business.

Online Marketing Research 101

Traditional research methods take months of scheduling and big budgets to cover travel and study expenses. Online marketing research, meanwhile, offers the same data remotely. Important for background and preparation, online platforms bring important strategic benefits to market your brand. Qualitative research analysis typically happens in-person, which slows the process and can run any number of logistical errors. Online options, however, only depend on connectivity and the platform. Far quicker scheduling and instantaneous feeds also make online options more attractive. Real-time interchanges, meanwhile, ensure researchers have the same quality conversations as traditional methods. All in all, the data can vastly improve your product or service, inducing an even happier customer.

Data analysis in qualitative research is often a different ballgame than more traditional efforts in quantitative research. Researchers tally opinions as well analyze participant reactions to stimulus. This not only offers answers to what your customers think, but also how they feel about your product or service. Motivation, preference, and overall concerns all offer integral direction for a product’s development.

Data analysis also covers advertising effectiveness, brand agreeableness, logo appeal, and a slew of other details. Pricing, demand, and your product or service’s standout features are all also important elements. Qualitative marketing research is not only about gathering product or service feedback, but also about how to improve near every frontend element of your business.

Online Qualitative Research Data Analysis

Markets change quickly, be they domestic or global. Likewise, as businesses grow they invariably expand. Regular qualitative research is imperative during these phases, as entering new industries means new markets and expectations. Further, analyzing entirely new markets also requires advanced logistics to appraise each regional variant. Goes without saying that such studies require a huge amount of time and resources.’s platform is an alternative that saves clients money while also boosting output. From organization to execution, we excel at online qualitative research data analysis. Quick turnaround makes us particularly excellent for organizations with short deadlines or in need of incremental assessments. Conversation fluidity, meanwhile, is a breeze thanks to our HD platform equipped with convenient tools and features. Cut video clips, streamline recording through automatic transcription, screen share with team members across the world, and more. These additions streamline the entire data-gathering process, maximizing the already significant impacts that online qualitative research offers. Learn more about’s industry-leading approach by checking out our comprehensive help page. Even better, go ahead and schedule a demo today.

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