Infographic: Using Customer Feedback for Customer Journey Pain Points

Amid persistent market disruptions and unpredictable consumer behavior, today’s online customer journey is filled with obstacles that can slow the buying process — obstacles like irrelevant or misleading ads, hard to navigate websites, and other issues can make it even more difficult for organizations to connect with their target audiences.

The upside? Gaining actionable customer feedback in real time, rather than relying on big data or post-purchase surveys, is easier to access than ever before, and can make a huge impact on business outcomes and customer experiences. (See how Logitech used Discuss to rethink customer journey mapping).

With the right market research software, organizations are using the voice of the customer to drive ad and concept testing, following the user journey on their apps and receiving in-the-moment responses from prospects, and leveraging customer feedback to inform the innovation cycle and create relevant products.   

To view a breakdown of how qualitative customer feedback is used to address common pain points in the customer journey, see our infographic below:

Whether you are looking to improve customer experience or user experience, fine tune marketing to reach more relevant audiences, or improve the product development cycle based on timely feedback from end users, Discuss enables powerful qualitative feedback methods to turn experiences into insights for CX, UX, Insights teams and more.

Learn more about how to leverage customer feedback for product development with our guide: “Build What People Will Buy.”

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