Discuss.io is Going to Cannes as One of Unilever’s Foundry50!

Discuss.io is going to Cannes! Even better, we were chosen as one of the “Foundry50 at Cannes”, a search for the world’s leading marketing technology startups by Unilever Foundry and Lions Innovation – a unique, new two-day event that brings together the worlds of data, technology and ideas at next week’s 62nd annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. A panel of experts selects The Foundry50 for their innovation, disruptiveness, and differentiation from competitors already in the market.  Recognition within this outstanding pool of startups is a  great honor.

Founded in 2014, the Unilever Foundry is a relatively new project that vets and promotes marketing-tech startups. What makes the Foundry50 event noteworthy, along with taking place in Cannes, is its collection of talent and innovation. The top 50 marketing tech startups of 3000+ that Unilever supports, the Foundry50 is truly a collection of marketing’s greatest up-and-coming advancements.

Qualitative research is integral for every industry, yet traditional methods lag behind. They bottleneck production, which requires perpetually faster turnaround due to market demand. Even more intrinsically, traditional qualitative research is flat out incompatible with Agile processes. Iterative methods require fast turnaround and progressive adjustment. Traditional qualitative research’s months of scheduling, expensive facilities, and far, far too much travel is simply unfeasible. Businesses lose out, customers lose interest, and ROI suffers.

Research itself must reflect these new changes within production, demand, and their fluctuations. With better research comes better market fit, and with better market fit comes better ROI. Getting singled out for our contributions is a joy. Everyone loves validation. However, it’s the service of improving products and sustaining organizations that makes us truly gratified.

Online qualitative research is growing stupendously, as is its attention within the larger industry. We’re happy for it, not to mention more than a little proud that a diagram on a napkin three years ago is now a recognized force for good in the MRX world.  Each day we work to ensure Discuss.io is the fastest, most cohesive qualitative research platform available. But why only take the Foundry’s word for it? Check out our demo today.

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