Discuss.io Gets Better! New Overview Experience for Easier Project Management

a before and after look at the project overview page with redesigned layout


Key Improvements

The Overview is a project’s command center, and we’re proud to announce improvements that will make it easier and faster to manage your project. 

As more users move to self-service than ever before, we sought to create an experience that focuses on the core actions of scheduling interviews, managing team permissions, and doing dry-runs and debriefs in your personal meeting room


Updated Navigation

We have improved the navigation by moving project settings to its own tab, and turning the right-hand column into your prep center, where you manage project access, get your tech check link, create a discussion guide, and customize your Takeaways questions.


One-Click Scheduling

You can now schedule an interview without leaving the Overview page. Simply click the Schedule Interview button to manage your calendar without ever leaving the page. If you do need to see the calendar in its entirety, the Calendar is now a top-level link in the navigation, so you get where you need to go faster.


Improved Access Management

Privacy is critical, but information is only as useful as it is accessible. We put control in your hands with the Editors and Collaborators section, where you can add teammates to your project and determine the level of access they have. Learn more about team permissions here.


Easier to Find Project Settings

Your project’s settings are now a top-level navigation element, with the Settings cog on the right of the page. Here you will find your mobile settings, whether you want to collect candidate availability in the tech check, manage project privacy and access, assign the project to a team, and more.


Become a Beta Tester

We’re continually improving the user experience and are excited about the many changes coming in the second half of the year. Stay tuned for improvements to the meeting room chat, the tech check and respondent management tools, and more access and privacy controls. 

If you’d like to join our exclusive group of early product testers to give input on product design, please join the list.


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