Discuss.io Announes New Badge Features

At Discuss.io, we’re constantly striving to improve our platform and our user’s experience. That’s why roughly every two weeks (or sooner) we ship new updates to our platform. These biweekly releases iterate on existing functionality, fix bugs, and add new features.

Our product development team works really hard each release sprint to improve our platform and create new and helpful features for our users. We want to acknowledge their work and showcase the exciting improvements being made on our platform.

Receive notifications of messages in the Public and Backroom chat rooms

Wanting to improve on our user’s experience, we recently updated our notification system within the Meeting Room. During every session, the moderator and participants have access to a chat room on the right side of their screen. The chat room can serve many purposes; however, it is often used as an unobtrusive method of communication between participants and the moderator. The chat room is also outfitted with automated translation to and from several major languages.

The chat room is divided into two rooms: Public and Backroom. The Public room can be accessed by everyone on the call, including the moderator, participants, and support. The Backroom, however, is available to the moderator, observers, and support. This allows observers (usually members of an Insights or Marketing team) to communicate with the moderator as the session is happening in real time. In turn, this gives them the capability to provide input and ask for elaboration while the participants are still within their reach without disturbing the participants.

With this most recent update, the notification system on the chat room has changed. Whereas before, the chat room would pop open with every new message sent, the new system simply notifies users with a badge that counts how many messages they have left to read. This feature was adjusted in an effort to be less intrusive during the session, allowing the moderator to focus on what they do best!

Receive notifications when a participant is waiting in the lobby

Similarly, we also updated the notification system for when new participants enter into the Meeting Room lobby. Previously, the moderator would be notified of this by having the participant list pop up on their screen. With the recent update, this was changed to instead have a text notification pop up at the bottom left of the screen, stating “Participant is waiting in the lobby.”

Learn more about our platform’s features through our Feature Series, or book a demo to learn what other features Discuss.io has created that will enrich your research experience.

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