“I just want to talk to a customer” — Having used video conferencing tools like Skype and WhatsApp in their personal lives, clients sometimes tell us that they simply want to have conversations and don’t care what happens to the footage once the conversation is over. Their familiarity and comfort with video-based conversations certainly help with adoption, but that’s where the similarities between Discuss.io and one of these types of tools stop. 

Once those same clients have had hundreds of conversations, a lightbulb goes off and they realize that they’re sitting on a valuable knowledge bank. Having direct conversations with customers at different touchpoints along the customer journey allows relevant stakeholders to dive deeper, ask questions in real-time, and develop empathy for the customer, inciting them to take action. 

We built Discuss.io knowing that thousands of hours of insights can transform a business. With each conversation that you have with customers on the Discuss.io, your organization’s insights brain strengthens. 

Company-Wide Search

Within your organization, conversations are organized based on the team and project they are a part of. Anyone within your company is able to keyword search across and watch video from these conversations, giving new life to previous work.

Projects that contain sensitive information or respondents can easily be made private, locking down who within the organization has access.




Saved Moments

Our most popular feature, hands down. During live sessions, moderators and observers are able to save key insights with the simple click of a button. It’s a great way to stay engaged during the conversation, while still capturing what’s important. When the “Save Moment” is clicked, 15 seconds before and after are automatically rendered into an easily editable and sharable video clip.

Key Takeaways

We’ve all been there where we think we’re going to remember a conversation, only to come back to it days later and have to redo the work. The couple of minutes following a conversation are when insights and ideas are the most potent in our minds. Following the session, moderators and observers can capture their biggest learnings in the Key Takeaways page. Key Takeaway questions can be customized to address your specific objectives. 

Discussion Guides

During your conversations, it’s important to stay engaged and on track. That’s why we’ve introduced Discussion Guides in the meeting room. When a Discussion Guide is loaded into a project, all sessions within that project will have access to that guide. In the recordings for that project, video clips can be sorted based on Discussion Guide questions.


Discuss.io was purpose-built for building a customer insights brain out of customer conversations. We value the privacy of the customers whose data we handle and recognize our responsibility to protect our clients. That’s why our team and our technology are built with the strictest compliance in place. In 2019, Discuss.io was officially recognized for our security compliance, being awarded an ISO 27001:2013 certification by CIRQ

Clients sometimes ask us why they can’t just connect with customers on popular video conferencing tools. It’s a good question. Discuss.io is just as easy to use as those tools, but built with privacy in mind. To keep your organization safe, tools need to be used for their intended use. Tools like Skype are meant to be used for meetings and connecting with friends and family. It was not built to connect businesspeople with consumers. 

What does that mean for you? When you use a tool like Skype outside of its intended usage, you’re opening up your company to liability. Extending use beyond their intended purpose, you take on the responsibility to protect the attendees’ Personally Identifiable Information collected directly or indirectly in that process (name, email, Skype/WhatsApp username, location, etc.). 
Organizations are required by law to put a reliable process into place to manage, protect, and delete this information. Under GDPR (GDPR, German Data Protection Act), failing to take these measures puts you in violation of company policy and the law. Companies that are found in severe violation may face fines of up to 20 million euros (or 4% of revenue) or up to 10 million euros (or 2% of revenue) for less severe violations. States like California are also looking into instituting similar laws.

ISO 27001:2013 Certification 

What does it mean for Discuss.io to be ISO 27001:2013 certified? 

Discuss.io ensures that projects are executed within the boundaries of the law, taking into consideration legal frameworks (e.g. GDPR) and industry codes (e.g. ESOMAR, EphMRA). This includes:

  • Using compliant recruiting agencies and methods
  • Verifying that no personal data or intellectual property is processed outside of the acceptable limits. Did you know that video records of a conversation cannot be saved in certain countries?
  • Addressing current and emerging data retention guidelines 
  • Creating an audit trail demonstrating compliance with the new data subjects rights (e.g. right to be forgotten), or demonstrating that data has been effectively been erased from our servers
  • Purging data after a defined number of days in cases where data retention is limited either by local legislation or the characteristic of the projects (e.g. when sensitive data – ethnicity, health-related information – might be shared).
  • Training and certifying its personnel on how to handle personal data, sensitive data, and special categories of data

Purpose-built for impact 

The differences between Discuss.io and tools like Skype extend far beyond just compliance. Discuss.io is purpose-built to make it easy for companies to connect with customers, meaning that we’ve built-in workflows and features to make those connections easier and to have a lasting impact.

We work with you to understand the core business challenge that needs to be solved in order to roll out transformational customer intimacy programs. We can work both with your C-Suite and the users to get buy-in and adoption at both levels, making the dream of customer-centricity a reality within your organization. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Discuss.io can help to transform your business to become more customer-centric to deliver better products and customer experiences, let’s have a conversation

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