When we started, we had the vision of making it easier for marketers to connect with consumers around the world. We believe strongly that consumer understanding and empathy lead to more informed decision making. This is our mantra and why we built this company – it is why our team works so hard every day. A lack of understanding is why so many products fail. Deep consumer understanding is the way to be successful in consumer businesses today – it is the only sure path to faster innovation, better products, and more effective marketing.


To help build understand and empathy with connections, we built a video platform that makes it incredibly quick and easy to conduct, record and share online consumer conversations. Over the years, we’ve improved our technology and expanded our global recruiting capability to over 160 countries. We’ve also become a trusted hub for research professionals, and have aggregated a network of moderators, translators, report writers and other research experts to make having a conversation easy for marketers. Leveraging the latest technologies and innovating within the traditional research workflow, we have been able to help some of the world’s largest brands operationalize their approaches to research and scale consumer conversations across divisions and geographies. We’ve conducted over 14,000 sessions and know what it takes to make a successful conversation!


We apply these learnings to constantly iterate and improve our customer experience management platform. Some of our most recent enhancements have included:

  • A new instant booking and price estimate form to make starting projects even faster
  • New Saved Moments and automated clipmaking features to make insight discovery faster and easier than ever
  • Enhanced machine transcriptions to increase accuracy and usability of automated  transcripts and keyword searching
  • Support for real-time, simultaneous translation to enable more actionable global conversations

We’re not stopping there! As we work to incorporate some of the latest developments in programmatic recruiting, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we expect to significantly expedite and enhance the insights that are created from the thousands of hours of the video that our customers are creating annually.

New Look

So to acknowledge our progress and align with our future direction, we have modernized our brand and its visual identity and are happy to share it here.

We’ve also updated our website to reflect our new look and feel, more accurately describe our solutions, and most importantly, provide additional resources to understand and track our progress and better understand the industry. Check out some of the new resources.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we’re speeding up time-to-insights, we’d love to have a conversation.

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