3 Reasons Why You Should Consider On-demand Online Qualitative Research

On-demand just may change the way you conduct online qualitative research. While Agile Market Research is now a term many have heard, on-demand qualitative is getting researchers attention. There are three main pain points driving people to seek out using on-demand qualitative and there is much to be gained from utilizing this methodology. The three reasons are: price, time and logistics.

Technology advances with efficiencies in recruiting and using webcams to interact live along with lower participant incentives have now nearly eliminated many pain points. With on-demand, you can can now recruit and conduct focus groups and in-depth interviews in real time with webcams and still get that face to face experience with participants, speed up time in field and save money. On demand qualitative can cost up to 75% less than other methods, and with video clipping tools, researchers can easily share key findings with stakeholders.

There are many ways to use on-demand, and Agile Market Research. You can  take advantage of fast checks with targeted customers on ideas that come up in client, brand, or team meetings. Design feedback and concept iteration testing has never been easier, and position or message testing are a snap now. It’s simple to get into segment exploration, and you can also test web content in days rather than weeks. On-demand qualitative research can be used along with communities for  breakout discussions.  You can use on-demand to construct proposals by affordabley showing your client why the research should be conducted. Simply include video clips in a proposal to demonstrate key research objectives and your moderating skills.

So what are you waiting for? On-demand qualitative research is what’s next, and we advise that you learn more about it and where Agile Market Research is going.

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