Unifying Innovation: The Power of Centralized Platforms in Qualitative Research

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We all love the magic of qual. But conducting it is…HARD. It’s often a giant game of telephone trying to find the perfect (and available) moderator for your project, coordinating across multiple partners, and the agonizingly long wait for insights that you need now. We know the pain, because as researchers we’ve lived it too.

Discover how to accelerate your workflows, foster improved collaboration, and enhance scalability and flexibility with the power of integrated solutions. Learn how to foster resilience within your research endeavors, through the concept of platformication, the idea of bringing multiple technology solutions together to consolidate your processes.

Join buzzback’s Senior VP of Research & Strategy, Liz White, and Discuss’ Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Jim Longo, as they delve into the problems facing the qualitative research field right now and how to stay ahead in this constantly evolving space. 

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