Scaling Human Centricity On A Global Level with PepsiCo

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With the amount of change that’s transpired in the last 3 years, cracking the code on changing consumer behaviors and perceptions has never been more critical. Join Sioned Winfield, Senior Director of Global Insights & Marketing Capabilities at PepsiCo, along with Adam Mertz, Chief Growth Officer at Discuss, to hear about the new approach and technologies PepsiCo is leveraging to enable human voices to be seamlessly integrated into their processes.

In this session, you’ll get a taste of Pepsi’s ambitions for authentic human connections, including:

  • The importance of Human Centricity in enabling future growth for PepsiCo
  • The global opportunities to codify human connections at PepsiCo
  • The role of Discuss in enabling these ambitions

You’ll walk away with new ideas to unlock consumer empathy – faster, better insights with less work for all involved, and in addition see how PepsiCo is looking to tap into technology as a means of enabling their human centricity journey.

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