The 5 Critical Requirements to Democratizing Research

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In this UXDX session, Discuss SVP of Marketing Adam Mertz explains how leading companies are rethinking their strategies to drive customer-centricity and customer empathy throughout their organizations. As customer insights increase in importance, the need to democratize insights across teams and departments has also been on the rise.

Customer feedback that can be easily accessed and shared is the shortest route to driving evidence-backed business decisions. When every team, from design, engineering, to product and marketing can see and hear the voice of the customer, not only can organizations work quickly to drive better customer experiences, but they can drive empathy across the business as well.

Through this session, gain actionable insights that can help you scale customer empathy across your teams, including:

  1. Tactics for minimizing the work and administration for engaging respondents
  2. Tools and systems that maximize gaining in-depth insights
  3. Real-world examples of the results from implementing these tactics, tools and systems


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