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We started more than 7 years ago with the single mission to scale qualitative research. By giving brands and agencies a more efficient way to have conversations with consumers – anywhere, anytime – they can be more agile, more informed and make more insightful decisions.

Online Consumer Conversations is the New Normal

Qualitative Research at Scale - The New Normal was built from day one to give insight professionals a platform to make consumer conversations easy, fast and effective. Centralizing the multiple tools and steps required to setup, execute and evaluate these conversations are bundled into a single technology and service platform to give you the power to scale your qualitative research.

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Key Capabilities for Before, During and After Interviews

Built around smart video, we provide technology and research services through the entire project and across teams. From respondent recruitment and management to integrated discussion guides to video editing and sharing – is the most complete qualitative platform solution available.

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  • Multiple roles during online focus groups like Moderator, Co-Moderator, Observer (hidden to respondent), Translator/Transcriber and Project Manager dramatically improves the interview experience.

  • The Respondent Management Hub makes it much easier to recruit, screen and schedule a high number of individual or small group interviews.

  • The is built to be global which means we handle the technical and organizational issues that come with large-scale consumer connects program across the world.

  • We support agencies and consultancies with just the technical platform or with a suite of services that meet your needs with pricing flexibility to meet your budget.

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What’s blocking you from actionable insights and scaled consumer closeness? We believe it all starts with a conversation.

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