HR Guide to Better Video Interviewing

From protecting the recruiter’s time to taking some of the pressure off the candidate, remote HR interviews offer a myriad of benefits to HR professionals and job seekers alike. Candidates are increasingly handling the job search online, and video interviews align perfectly with this trend.

Read this guide to dive into these topics:

  • Increase Consistency Across Applicants – using an interactive, integrated interview guide reduces bias across conversations and improves hiring consistency.
  • Focus on the Conversation, Not the Notes – Getting an automatic transcription and/or translation means 100% of your attention is on listening and understanding.
  • Telling the Story of the Candidate – Capturing little snippets of the interview in video for highlighting and sharing brings the reporting process to life.
  • Analyze Your Process, Repeat Success – Having an archive of interviews allows you to compare the process of successful hires vs those that didn’t work out.