Fueling your strategy with more than just assumptions

As you plan for 2018, it can be challenging to develop strategy that puts the consumer first. It’s often tempting to rely on past experience or assumptions about the future. One of our clients, a multinational CPG company, found a compelling alternative that would allow them to develop consumer-driven strategy.

Before a planning meeting, using a live video-enabled platform, the team had everyone in attendance engage directly with one of their target consumers. From their desktops, they were able to connect with consumers relevant to their brand category users and the regions in which their brands will be sold. Through these one-on-one conversations, the team was able to gain a deeper understanding and uncover insights about the consumers’ lives and behaviors. Before starting the meeting, they each took a couple of minutes to share their findings with the group. Then, throughout the meeting, they referred to and used examples from their conversations with consumers to validate or reject ideas; referencing archived video clips when necessary. In doing so, they were able to develop strategy that was more consumer-focused and rooted consumer insights that were fresh and current, and more than just assumptions.

Speaking directly with consumers is a great way to build an understanding for their needs and desires. By engaging the voice of the consumer beforehand, teams can jumpstart their thinking in their annual planning sessions by coming armed with greater consumer awareness and insights. Instead of arriving empty-handed, they can be prepared to make evidence-based claims and strategic decisions. Not only will these conversations help the teams to become more consumer-centric, but it will also enable them to develop more successful strategy, which leads to more successful product launches and marketing campaigns.

Discuss.io enables stakeholders across the enterprise to have the shared experience of connecting with consumers around the world through live video conversations. Start a conversation with us to learn more about how Discuss.io can help you jumpstart your strategic planning with more than just assumptions.