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How Reckitt Held 3D Testing Remotely Utilizing UX Software

As a result of the global pandemic, in-person business practices were shuttered across the board. This couldn’t be more true for qualitative market research, which was transformed through online platforms that enabled virtual, scalable insights-generation.

Insights teams accustomed to conducting in-person market research were left wondering how to continue receiving quality consumer feedback without the ability to meet with people up close in their company’s own facilities. After many organizations transitioned their research online, yet another challenge presented itself: the management of proprietary information, NDAs and other administrative hurdles.

Reckitt, a leading UK-based consumer packaged goods company with well-known brands such as Durex, Dettol, Enfamil, Air Wick and Clearasil, quickly made the pivot to virtual 3D testing by partnering with Discuss.

In this short video, Sai Pisipati, Global Consumer Insights & Analytics Manager at Reckitt, explains how Discuss delivered on respondent management and streamlined the setup process, which gave respondents the chance to touch, feel, and test Reckitt products for the first time since the pandemic:

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