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Building an Effective Website with Consumer Interviews

How One Financial Institution Improved Their Website Using

The Challenges

A startup in the financial industry was growing quickly and redesigning their website with the intent to describe their complex product offering more intuitively for their target audience. They needed quick, but high-quality, feedback as their development team continued work on the website and as they prepared to release it to the general public.

The Solution

A two-phase study was conducted with 15 in-depth interviews during each round:

  • Round 1: Copy testing
  • Round 2: Testing of the finished product (website)

The client was looking for a partner who could help them to quickly obtain reliable data without the long lead times associated with traditional market research. They found’s Programmatic Recruiting to be the ideal capability to recruit quality participants most cost effectively. Rather than having to organize expensive and time-intensive sessions at in-person facilities, the client was able to conduct the interviews during their normal work day directly from their office desktop. As with every project,’s team was on standby for the client, ready to provide guidance and answer any questions that the client had before, during, and after the sessions. Ultimately, the client was able to execute the entire project on a very short timeline that supported their ambitious website launch objectives.

“Discuss’ technology and team are a godsend. We’re able to make better business decisions even on a short timeline because we’re able to get high quality responses and data when we need them most urgently.”

– A Client-Side Project Lead

The Results

Participants provided helpful and detailed suggestions on improvements to copy, website layout, and flow. During the qualitative conversations, consumers would sometimes mention elements of the webpage that significantly helped their perception of the company and brand. Often, these were unintentionally designed elements of the webpage, which, if not mentioned during the sessions, could have easily been discarded without additional thought. Instead, the sessions helped to preserve elements of the website that were, ultimately, very beneficial. Conversely, the team also learned some of the website’s new, highly anticipated features were, in fact, not as high-impact for consumers as the team had hoped. The team was able to take this information and adjust the features accordingly.

About Discuss enables brands to make better business decisions by engaging directly with consumers through real-time conversations. Using live video, brands are able to connect face-to-face, online, in order to achieve a rapid and deep-seated understanding of consumer perspectives and behaviors. This “agile empathy” encourages brands to make better real-time decisions, leading to reduced time to-market, successful products, and more effective marketing. The proprietary platform erases geographic barriers, expanding brands’ global reach and equipping them with a cultural and contextual understanding of the consumer populations that they target. Today, is powering consumer connection and empathy programs at many of the world’s leading brands. The company is headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. Please visit for more details.

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