Completed respondent information grid

Bring Your Own (BYO) Panel – Introducing Your New Respondent Management Hub

When it comes to research, live video conferencing is only one component of a successful project. Our purpose-built meeting room is one reason agencies and brands choose Discuss over generic video conferencing tools. Today, there’s a new reason: our brand new Respondent Hub, designed with privacy, collaboration, and transparency in mind.

The Respondent Hub allows researchers to manage their project in one tool, from recruiting, scheduling and interviewing, to analyzing. 

Privacy by Design

Open, add or edit respondent data

Open, add or edit respondent data directly in Discuss.


The Respondent Hub was built with privacy in mind. Invite your recruiters to add respondents, but rest assured that no personally identifiable information will be visible to any project member who did not enter that information. If your recruiter adds respondents, you can see only their first name and any accompanying profile information the recruiter provides. You cannot see their contact information, and you cannot interact with the respondent.

Automation for All

Email Respondents directly from

Email respondents directly from Discuss


If you or your recruiter provide email addresses for your respondents, we can send an automated email requesting that respondents complete a tech check, ensuring everyone has working devices and a suitable internet connection for a video interview. We can also automate the sending of interview invitations. Simply customize your content and leave the sending to us. We ask respondents to confirm their receipt of the email so you can rest assured the message was received.

If you choose not to provide email addresses, you can manually send tech check links and session links, just as you have in the past.

Built for Collaboration

Completed respondent information grid.

Completed respondent information grid.


Timelines are tight, and real-time information is crucial to keeping a research project on track. Our Respondent Hub was built for collaboration, with role-based permissions and real-time reporting of tech check and invitation status. You can even review each respondent’s status after a session – were they used, were they a no-show, etc. The Completed Interviews section is available for all projects where you have Live Tech Support.

Ideal for All Self-Managed Projects

If you’re looking to DIY, the Respondent Hub is an essential part of keeping your work organized, on time, and automated. Early feedback has been hugely positive, with users sharing that they love the privacy features that keep respondent data secure and that they find the new features user-friendly and easy to understand. 

Beta testers have adopted the Respondent Hub for all kinds of research projects:

  • Beloved baby product brand managing qualitative market research in-house
  • Voice of the Patient studies for pharmaceutical companies
  • Consumer health and OTC studies with enterprise Pharma brand
  • Concept testing for a creative agency
  • Brand and marketing testing for a consultancy
  • Communications development and storytelling testing on behalf of a food and beverage client

Key Takeaways

  • Respondent management has never been easier with our new Respondent Hub
  • The Respondent Hub was designed with security in mind, so you can rest easy knowing you are safe from any unauthorized disclosure of personal information
  • Real-time updates on tech check status and interview confirmation help all project members, including external recruiters, stay informed
  • Track status of completed interviews on projects with Live Tech Support 

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