Our Very Own, Jim Longo, Speaking at QRCA

Our very own Jim Longo, VP of Research Solutions at Discuss.io, will be presenting alongside Joy Steinberg, President of JSI Marketing, at the annual QRCA conference in Los Angeles this upcoming January 2017. They will be presenting on the power of using agile market research to drive innovation. Agile research is a powerful and evolving strategy that leverages new techniques and technologies to make market knowledge more accessible, accurate and affordable. Its true power is its ability to allow brands to effectively adapt to what is happening around them, in a way that is innovative and consumer-focused.

Agile has many useful applications, like in market research, but was initially born in the world of software development. Among many other benefits, it encourages developers to release updates in code in short sprints rather than over large periods. This allows the product to evolve quickly, allowing tech companies to release the latest and greatest products. At Discuss.io, we took what we learned from our backgrounds in tech and implemented the very best agile practices into our work in market research. Not only have we incorporated agile practices into the fabric of our organization, but we’ve also built a product that enables global brands to do the same through research. Across both tech and research, core elements of agile remain consistent. In the world of agile, decisions are made quickly and regularly. Ideas are put into practice quickly and revised as needed to avoid over thinking and stagnation. Through constant collaboration and feedback, many iterations can be made over short periods of time. The blend of our backgrounds in tech and research has positioned Discuss.io to be the leader in agile market research.

Jim and Joy will discuss how executive leaders of cutting-edge brands are challenging their teams to leverage agile techniques in order to become more innovative. One way insights and marketing teams can accomplish this is by running multiple rounds of research over short periods of time using on-demand recruiting and online focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) using webcams. This grants brands access to quality insights, allowing them to iterate quickly and confidently. Facilitating this access to consumers is at the cornerstone of Discuss.io’s philosophy.  

If you’d like to learn more about how brands can use agile research, be sure to sit in on Jim and Joy’s presentation at the QRCA conference in January. The 2017 QRCA Annual Conference: The Power of Perspective, will be hosted in Los Angeles from January 18-20, 2017. If you haven’t already registered for the event, you can register here.


jim-avatarJim Longo is a thought leader in online behavior and market research technology, often speaking at industry conference and events. He brings over 25 years of domain expertise in the market research industry and leads Research Solutions at Discuss.io, which provides agile market research via webcams. He has consulted with brands and research agencies around the world on how to have insightful online conversations and was instrumental in building the first global online qualitative research practice at Harris Interactive. There, he led a team that conducted more than one thousand online groups in the first three years of its existence. Jim is a proud member of QRCA and ESOMAR.

Joy Steinberg is President of JSI Marketing, a market research consulting firm providing consumer insights expertise with specific emphasis on qualitative research, brand and digital insights. She has extensive experience in qualitative moderation, social media listening, project management, product marketing, consumer affairs and marketing communications.

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