Many Discuss users work in highly regulated, privacy-forward industries that require consent from their respondents for security purposes, protecting early prototypes of products and needing to meet legal compliance.

Let’s face it, managing the consent form process can be a mess: coordinating with the legal team, using different systems for sending, signing and storing the signed documents in an entirely different part of the organization…the list goes on. 

We’re here to change all that with new Consent Form capability.

Today, we’re releasing a new consent form feature that makes it incredibly easy to get signatures on custom consent forms or NDA’s — either well in advance of an interview session or on respondents’ way into a video interview session. Powered by HelloSign, we’ve made the process of uploading, managing and executing consent forms seamless.

Why the Discuss Consent Form Capability is awesome

  1. Integrated. Once a consent form is uploaded to a project, we include a workflow for getting the form signed by the respondent in a HIPAA compliant service, and give the option to download, update or delete the form. You can also store the form for up to 3 years within the project.
  2. Aware. When using consent forms, we provide a status indicator on whether the respondent has completed the consent form or not.
  3. Simple. The respondent is required to sign on their way into the session, limiting any back and forth prior to the session.
  4. Localized. The consent form stays in the same language it was uploaded, but the instructions on how can be localized in the respondent’s language of choice.

Assign Consent Forms to Respondents

How the integration works:

  • Upload consent forms, NDAs or other critical docs into the Document Hub
  • Download, edit and re-upload if the documents change while recruiting
  • Assign the specific form to be signed to specific respondents in the Respondent Hub
  • Send the forms prior to the session as part of the Tech Check process or during entry into the session
  • Our partnership with HelloSign sends, verifies and manages the signature process
  • Signed documents are stored with other documents at the project level; we can easily handle hundreds of documents

Some of the ways our clients are using consent forms:

  • GDPR Compliance for handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • NDA for pre-release products or services – especially helpful when product placement or pre-session homework is involved
  • Consent for pre-session work or in-session conversations to be used for marketing or promotional purposes

We’re so excited to continue bringing new product innovations to make research and video customer feedback easier to execute, shortening the time from interview to insight.

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