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Video Conferencing Technology Best Practices to Ensure Outstanding Experiences

For modern researchers and CX professionals who use interviews to gather customer insights, reliable video conferencing…

Why is everyone talking about Jobs-To-Be-Done?

The hardest part about attending a conference is not the long hours, lack of sleep, or constant search for an outlet. In my opinion, it’s being faced with the near-impossible…

Consequences of a strained research ecosystem

In theory, the Marketing-Insights relationship is mutualistic. Insights empowers Marketing to make business decisions rooted in research and…

Keep it in the family: Disrupting yourself before someone else does it for you

I recently attended TMRE in Orlando, where I was delighted to hear so many brands talking about the innovative mindsets that they were breeding within their teams. Across multiple sessions, I heard brands talking about innovation with a different tone than I had grown used to. It got me wondering, why now? What has changed?

People behave predictably… until they don’t

Award-winning author, Malcolm Gladwell, delivered the Keynote at TMRE 2017 this year. In his presentation, Gladwell urged the audience, thousands of professional researchers, to be skeptical of data. This certainly put some researchers on edge…

It all started with a conversation

Jim Longo, co-founder and VP of Research Solutions at, was recently published in Research Live.

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In this article, Jim walks us through the origins of market research and the story of an innovator, Dr. Paul “Doc” Smelser of P&G. Doc Smelser is credited as the driving force that figured out how brands could learn what consumers really wanted. How did he do it…