Private Chat - Respondent Hub - Panel Anonymization - Respondent Blurring

2020 Silver Linings – Four Major Improvements to Smart Video Platform


Private Chat - Respondent Hub - Panel Anonymization - Respondent Blurring

Private Chat – Respondent Hub – Panel Anonymization – Respondent Blurring

We started 2020 with the intention of making the platform simpler, smarter, and more secure. Despite the changes and challenges of the year, we are proud of several major product launches, driven by your requests and feedback.

The New, Improved Highlight Reels

As the pandemic dawned, usage of our highlight reels feature skyrocketed. We pivoted to address the increased demand and made it faster and easier to sort through video clips to find the right ones for your reel. We added the ability to preview your reel before finishing it, and improved the page layout to better designate reels from clips.

Personal Meeting Room and Private Chat

As more and more agencies flocked to, they brought a few consistent requests: a dedicated meeting room for training, testing stimuli, and debriefs between sessions, and the ability to chat privately in the meeting room. We answered the call with the personal meeting room, a room available throughout your project for internal coordination. We also added private chat, which allows you to chat 1-on-1 with someone in the room or create a small group private chat.

Respondent Hub for DIY Project Management

Our newest innovation is the Respondent Hub, purpose-built to keep up with the growing demand for DIY projects on With the Hub, you can collaborate with external recruiters, track the status of tech checks and interview invitations, customize messages to respondents, and see each respondent’s final disposition. 

Data Privacy and Security

Conversations on a range of sensitive topics take place on, and it is critical that such data remain secure. We are proud to offer industry-leading privacy options, including video blurring and voice distortion, on all projects. Additionally, we automated our data retention policies to ensure that data are properly retained and deleted consistent with our policies.


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