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Discuss.io Teams

Organize and share research across your organization Discuss.io just launched teams, making it easier to share and spread insights across your organization. teams allow you to organize your projects all in one place, allowing you and your colleagues to learn from current and past research. Benefits of having your projects under a team: Browse: Collaborators […]

Discuss.io Project Privacy Settings are Changing

Easily share insights across your organization Coordinating with colleagues and sharing learnings has never been easier with the introduction of Teams in Discuss.io…but we need your help to get ready. More controls over project access and expanded searchability are some of our most commonly requested improvements, and we’re excited to take an important step forward.  […]

New Feature – Download Chat Transcripts

Our public and backroom chat functionality is used frequently among brand teams to coordinate during an interview, as well as to capture information from respondents. Based on user feedback, these transcripts are now available to download as an Excel file for all sessions going forward. To access your chat transcripts, go to Tools and Downloads […]

Manage Screener Collaborators

Getting a screener correct is crucial to the success of a project, and getting a screener correct requires the right people in the conversation. Now, project owners can select which collaborators on their project to notify when there is a version of the screener to review and approve. To choose your screener reviewers, open the […]

Takeaways Improvements: Customize Questions, Download to Excel, Review and Edit Answers

What are Takeaways? Takeaways are a series of short questions that are presented at the end of every session. They empower you to collect lightweight, in-the-moment learnings from marketers and researchers while they’re still fresh, and export them for faster analysis. To learn more, see our previous post. Improvements to Takeaways Though Takeaways remains in beta, we’re continually […]

Discussion Guides: Reuse a Previous Guide and Export Functionality

Our first release of Discussion Guides was just the beginning. We have released the following improvements: Reuse a Discussion Guide Now, you can review your existing discussion guides and copy one to use as a starting point on a new project, saving you valuable time! Choose your desired discussion guide, edit questions, and save it […]

New Feature: Discussion Guides

Researchers and Insights leads tell us constantly that they want to enable marketers and brand managers to have more access to consumers. But scaling consumer closeness while still equipping marketers to engage in high-quality, unbiased research is a challenge. We’ve introduced interactive discussion guides to solve this problem. Now, project owners and collaborators can create […]

Simultaneous Translation Audio Quality Improvements

What’s Changed? Integrated simultaneous live translation is a cornerstone of our ability to connect marketers and researchers with consumers around the globe. However, computer audio quality of translators has been inconsistent. Today’s release improves the quality of computer audio for simultaneous translators. Happy listening!

Introducing Takeaways: Capture learnings while they’re fresh

Get more out of your research Whether you’re participating in a workshop or part of a large-scale consumer connection program, we’re making it easier than ever to collect and analyze your team’s learnings. How it works At the end of each session, you will now be presented with a series of short questions called Takeaways. These allow […]

Document Notifications

Automated Document Notifications Aligning on the criteria for a screener is crucial to getting you in front of consumers quickly. Now, client project owners and Discuss.io project managers can always stay in sync on the latest versions of documents with automatic notifications. Project owners and collaborators will receive notifications about the following actions: Screener uploaded […]

Customer Experience Update