Sharing is Caring

Have you ever thought about the people you feel most comfortable sharing things with? Both in business, as well as personal relationships? Why are we able to open up to them? And likewise they to you?

The best relationships are founded on connection and understanding. In order to form these deep bonds, there has to be empathy. Empathy fuels connection.

In this short video, Dr. Brené Brown explains the impact that empathy can have on relationships. In order to build empathy, she says that we have to draw from our own perspectives and emotions in order to understand the perspective of someone else. At the same time, she encourages us to avoid being judgmental.

Empathy is most effectively built qualitatively, through conversation, rather than a clinical analysis of the other person’s traits, behaviours and persona.

When brands connect with consumers, it’s critical that they seek to establish empathy. Consumers – who, we must not forget, are just normal people by another name – want to feel heard, respected, and understood. If brands have a way to conduct rich and open conversations with consumers, they will inevitably foster a culture of empathy across the organization, in the ways they innovate and create new products, and the marketing campaigns they develop to promote them. The result? Happier, more engaged, more loyal consumers.

At we are enabling brands to make faster, more effective business decision, by engaging in conversations with consumers globally and in real-time, via video web conferencing.

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