Save key moments to easily find consumer insights

Video is a powerful way to connect with consumers, but going back through hours of video footage to find important moments can be daunting. With Saved Moments, users can keep track of important moments with just one click.

Moderators and observers of sessions can now tag key moments with a simple click of a button. Following the session, the archived video recording will display each user’s saved moments with color-coding at the time that they clicked the “Save Moment” button. Starred moments indicate that multiple users saved that moment, so you can easily see what your team found most important.

Highlight a section of the transcript and click “Export Selection” to make a video clip, or click “Start Clip” in the video player. Share your clips or the full video with colleagues, and download to include your next presentation.

We’re constantly working to bring you features that make research faster and more meaningful. This is just the first of many updates to come. Stay tuned and get excited!