Next Gen Online Focus Groups

When looking for a next-gen qualitative platform for online focus groups, IDIs, and asynchronous research, you need to consider three main factors:

✓ Does the next-gen platform allow me to answer multiple objectives?
✓ Is the next-gen platform built for online qualitative research?
✓ Does the next-gen platform allow me to analyze my online qual research efficiently? 

With Discuss' all-in-one virtual qualitative solution, you can not only drive consumer centricity but also unlock insights 10x faster with the most advanced gen AI qualitative capabilities on the market.

Discuss Genie, Your Generative AI Assistant

Spend less time analyzing your findings and more time delivering impactful insights. With Genie, turn around insights instantly so you can make faster decisions. Using a generative AI assistant, you can: 

  • Summarize live and asynchronous research
  • Highlight project-level themes & quotes
  • Find quotes & summaries to a specific question
  • Suggest or auto-magically create highlight reels

All your qual market research tools in one connected platform

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Powered by Genie - your generative AI assistant

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  • Break down silos in the research process by integrating with platforms that you already use
  • Gain access to qualitative experts across industries when you need an extra helping hand
  • Streamline your path to insights with an ecosystem of trusted technologies and services


  • Speed your time to insights with a built-in generative AI assistant that helps to analyze and find key insights
  • Create clips and generate highlight reels that keep the voice of the customer alive
  • Auto-generate clips during your live research and after to uncover key moments instantaneously


Video First Qual
  • Spend less time on logistics and more time on answering your research objectives with a quick and easy setup
  • Make better informed decisions with live and asynchronous activities that allow you to stay close to customers
  • Scale your qualitative insights with powerful, built-in reporting and video editing tools



A full suite of global research services

Over 80% of insights teams’ time is spent on logistics: coordinating, editing and analyzing conversations when it should be spent on strategy and decision-making. Discuss acts as an extension of your team, increasing speed-to-insights and helping you focus on the outcomes.

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