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Purpose-Built Video Research Platform

See how combines innovative features like Respondent Hub Management, Save the Moment video clipper, automatic transcription, pre-session tech checks and a marketplace of research services to save you time and effort while scaling your live qualitative research program.

Brands that Trust for Scaling Consumer Conversations is Your Go-To Global Qualitative Research Solution


Whether you need just the video market research technology platform, a full suite of services from our marketplace of research partners or a mix in-between - we've got you covered.

Secure - Globally

Compliant across the globe - GDPR in Europe, COPPA/CCPR in US and ISO 27001 everywhere else - we take your data seriously in over 100 languages.

Cost Effective

Get an immediate estimate on costs of a project with your specifications if doing a limited number of sessions or save even more with one of our subscription packages.

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