Top 7 Essentials for Scaling Your Global Market Research with a Qualitative Platform

Why having a global-enabling research partner is essential for bridging borders, amplifying insights, and scaling empathy

Global Market Research Tools for Scaling Empathy

Research knows no bounds, and neither should our efforts to understand the world around us. Partnering with organizations and tools that support and enable global market research initiatives empowers us to expand our horizons and acquire consumer insights that transcend cultural, geographical, and social barriers.

Global market research initiatives offer a unique chance to foster empathy by connecting with diverse communities around the world. Collaborating with partners who support and enrich your global research efforts ensures that your research findings encompass a broader spectrum of human experiences worldwide, deepening your insights.

An Ideal Global Market Research Partner: Qualitative Research Platform Features and Capabilities

An ideal qualitative research platform should encompass a range of features and functionalities tailored to support and augment your global market research initiatives.

  1. Multilingual Capabilities & Accurate Translation: A truly global research platform should offer comprehensive multilingual support to overcome language barriers and ensure seamless communication with participants worldwide. Leveraging Analysis tools that support multiple languages ensures accurate translation of research materials and facilitates understanding across global markets.

    An ideal qualitative research platform prioritizes language support as a cornerstone feature, including best-in-class multi-language transcription capabilities and machine/human translation services. Moreover, it should ensure multi-language capabilities across all collected insights, enabling researchers to easily analyze data in various languages.
  2. GenAI-Powered Global Insights: Robust GenAI capabilities are crucial for streamlining the process of understanding global consumer behavior. By integrating GenAI capabilities into research platforms, companies can analyze vast qual datasets to uncover hidden patterns and gain actionable insights at scale. This empowers companies to tailor their market strategies, products, and campaigns to resonate with diverse global audiences, driving greater market penetration and customer engagement. 

    The GenAI should be designed to seamlessly and accurately extract key themes, summaries, and quotes for projects, eliminating confirmation bias, automating manual analysis tasks, and empowering researchers to focus on high-level analysis and interpretation by expediting the overall research process.
  3. Seamless Global Recruitment: Your customers are everywhere. You should be too. An optimal platform should provide best-in-class global recruitment services, making it easy to access respondents from around the world. It should offer a robust global recruitment network and also offer the seamless integration of participants from your own database. Whether they’re from your user lists, customer databases, online communities, social media followers, or any other source, the platform’s respondent hub should streamline recruitment and ensure a diverse pool of participants for your research needs.
  1. Global Project & Respondent Support: The platform should streamline project setup, allowing you to effortlessly define your recruitment needs, including country or geographical region, and assist you in targeting your ideal respondents on a global scale.

    A participant or respondent hub allows researchers to readily filter and target participants based on specific geographical criteria. This hub empowers researchers to customize their studies to different regions and demographics, ensuring cultural relevance and global representativeness in their research. By equipping researchers with the tools to access and engage participants worldwide, the platform bolsters and expands global market research initiatives.
  1. Robust Data Security and Compliance Measures: Given the global nature of research, data security and compliance with international regulations such as GDPR are non-negotiable. The platform should prioritize robust data security measures to safeguard participant confidentiality and uphold ethical standards while ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) globally. By maximizing compliance and offering best-in-class privacy measures, the platform instills trust and confidence among researchers and participants alike, safeguarding the integrity and ethicality of the research process.
  1. Globally Collaborative Tools: Collaboration among global teams on qualitative research projects is crucial for gleaning diverse perspectives, optimizing resource utilization, fostering innovation, and enhancing problem-solving capabilities, ultimately leading to more comprehensive and impactful research outcomes.

    A qualitative research platform must support this collaboration by providing a central repository accessible worldwide, ensuring easy access and visibility to key insights such as themes, summaries, and quotes for knowledge sharing and seamless comparison of findings across regions 
  1. Continuous Support and Training: Comprehensive support and training resources are an essential component of an ideal qualitative research platform aimed at scaling research initiatives globally. Beyond facilitating collaboration among global teams, the platform should offer technical support and training opportunities to empower researchers at every stage of the research journey. By providing broad support mechanisms and training resources, the platform ensures that researchers possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate the complexities of global market research projects, ultimately enhancing research proficiency and driving impactful outcomes.


Scaling empathy and research initiatives globally is no longer optional—it’s essential in today’s global business environment. By partnering with organizations and tools that share your commitment to understanding and improving the human experience on a global front, you unlock new possibilities for collaboration, innovation, and positive change.

The ideal qualitative research platform serves as a beacon of empowerment, providing insights professionals with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate the complexities of global market research with confidence and ease to amplify consumer voices at scale.

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