On-Demand Qual and MVAs

Markets are changing faster than ever before. Focus market research and other qualitative methods, meanwhile, are adjusting to keep pace with sentiments and interests. Far from just a new means to conduct research, online methods are also essential for delivering insight before it becomes outdated or irrelevant. Finding and tracking

Empathy and Its Role in Market Research

Qualitative research relies on expression as much as opinion. Ideal for conceptualizing central targets, qual’s major strength is its focus of detailed personal opinions and behaviors. A successful online market research company must rely on more than just logic. Empathy is also vital for insight. Empathy is Integral for Relevant

Essentials to Coding Qualitative Data

Qualitative research focuses on the interpersonal, yes, but that makes it no less complex than its quantitative counterpart. Referred to as “coding,”  researchers organizing feedback often create complex webs of analysis. A system for categorizing anything from keywords to emotives, coding charts participant’s reactions and opinions throughout a session. The

Sampling Methods in Qualitative Research

Choosing what insight to gather is usually half the work in research. Browsing a potential market’s demographics can offer some idea to customer expectations. Gaining a full idea, however, requires some specialized sampling. A process that influences market representation and analysis, sampling includes a slew of methods with their own

Taking Your Qualitative Research Online

Quality and luck alone rarely make a successful product, at least if without market fit. Deciding on who to target, and how, helps ensure products attract the right group of customers. Business market research is essential for prospects  and figuring out what they want. There are a few ways to

Online Focus Market Research

Online focus groups are now generating interest within the larger marketing industry. A major element of qualitative research, focus groups inform analysts of a larger market’s interests and concerns. Traditionally, focus group market research requires a budget that covers facility rentals, travel, and other expenses. The more areas the study covers,

Business Research Methods

Much like other categories of the discipline, business research methods cover a variety of contexts and scenarios. So what precisely is research? Distinguishing between theory and practice can be all-important, particularly in today’s market. From the get-go, there are two major sections to consider. Qualitative research assesses interpersonal reactions to

Why Online Qualitative Research?

Market research covers a vast array of methods. The most basic division is between numerical and interpersonal approaches: qualitative research gauges personal opinions while quantitative research covers mass consumer habits. There are numerous distinctions within each segment as well, both in theory and practice. Quant/qual research, for instance, combines the


Some Professional Tips when Choosing Study Respondents

Market research gauges customer reception and concerns. As such, it requires actual input from volunteers. Finding people to wax poetic about their favorite, or most hated, products is quite easy. Making sure that participants and their input are the best for your research project, however, is more challenging. Misinterpretations, canned