Online Qualitative Market Research Tool Exits Beta, Launches As Discuss.IO

Discuss.IO combines Crowdsourcing and Webcams to Connect Clients with Millions of Potential Market Research Participants in Minutes has completed a successful beta program and announced the launch of its innovative real time qualitative market research service. As part of the launch, the company will immediately rebrand and begin operating as Discuss.IO.

Discuss.IO ( is a cloud-powered qualitative market research service that generates insights for marketers, agencies and brands of all sizes. Crowdsourcing and webcam video conferencing produce results in minutes by providing Discuss.IO clients with on demand access to a panel of more than 11 million targeted panelists.

The Discuss.IO Rapid Recruiter service matches decision makers with selected research participants in real time webcam video interviews, streamlining the recruitment process and reducing research timeframes from weeks to minutes. Clients use a simple self-service website to define and locate representative participants from within their unique target market, cutting recruitment time dramatically, even for low-incidence segments. Discuss.IO has participants available to provide on-demand feedback suitable for a variety of research purposes including advertising feedback, concept testing, and usability studies.

Until now, qualitative market research has been an expensive and time consuming process that often costs thousands of dollars and took weeks to complete. As Discuss.IO founder Jim Longo noted, “Cost and cycle time to final report are the two most frequent obstacles to conducting qualitative market research. Discuss.IO is designed to address those barriers without impacting the quality of the research results.” He added, “ During our beta phase, we learned that our customers will recommend qualitative research more often if they can get answers for their clients faster. Our service allows clients to return to conducting qualitative on the front end of surveys to define attributes and post survey “deep dives” as well as instant feedback during iteration research.”

At a fraction of the cost of traditional online alternatives or in-person interviews, Discuss.IO webcam discussions are a powerful, quick, and affordable way to deliver direct, nuanced consumer insights. Zach Simmons, Discuss.IO founder, said, “We are determined to lower the costs and shorten the response times associated with qualitative market research. Discuss.IO provides a solution to the challenges of tighter budget constraints and shorter deadlines.”

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Discuss.IO is a real-time opinion marketplace for consumer research. It uses webcams and crowdsourcing to connect marketing agencies, brands and small businesses to millions of targeted panelists in real time anywhere in the world within minutes. It enables decision-makers to instantly target their desired niche demographic and elicit answers on a variety of market research topics, from product development and optimization, to brand and segment exploration, to testing for advertising, package design, and web concepts. Please email or call 866.557.6716 for more information about the company.

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