The Next Step: Closes Another Successful Round of Financing

We are excited to announce that we have closed another $880,000 in our latest round of financing, co-led by Unilever Ventures and existing investors. This new round of financing will allow us to accelerate our product development and engineering efforts to transform market research in the digital age, as well as invest further in our marketing and sales operations.

At, our mission is to democratize access to qualitative market research by providing on-demand qualitative consumer depth interviews and focus groups using webcams. We help brands connect with millions of consumers in more than 33 countries through a video conferencing platform built specifically for conducting market research and gathering consumer insights.

Our SaaS video platform enables decision-makers and brand managers to instantly target their desired niche demographic and determine insights on a variety of market research topics: from product development concepts to ad testing and package design, within minutes versus months, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

We owe a great deal of our success to Zach Simmons, Founder and CEO, who is the driving force spearheading Zach is passionate about building disruptive and agile SaaS based market research startups as an alternative to traditional market research. Seeing a need for change within the Industry, Zach launched, transforming stale, traditional market research in a way that has not been done in decades. As continues to grow, Zach challenges the team to explore uncharted territories, challenge assumptions, and exceed customer and market expectations.

“Our business has grown 1000% since Oct 2015 and we continue to see rapid adoption in CPG and other verticals.” – Zach Simmons, Founder and CEO,

Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to achieving our disruptive vision of bringing market research into the digital world. We have many more challenges to conquer in product development, engineering, scale, marketing and sales, and we are fully committed for the long haul to deliver our vision and serve our customers in the best possible manner. We are excited to continue growing and moving forward and thank our partners for their continued support.

Check out GeekWire to read more about this latest round of investment. If you’d like to learn more about how can transform the ways in which you conduct research, join us at our weekly webinar or schedule a demo.

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