Josh Yousif, Director of Sales, Americas

Discuss Employee Spotlight – Josh

The “Discuss Employee Spotlight” is a Q&A series dedicated to showcasing all of the amazing talent at Discuss.

Josh Yousif, Director of Sales, Americas

For this month’s profile, we talked with Josh Yousif, Director of Sales, Americas, who joined the Discuss team in September of 2020 and is based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

  1. Tell our readers a little bit about your role at Discuss.
    As the Head of North American Sales, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our growth targets are met. This includes working closely with prospective clients to ensure that we are the right partner for their business, as well as working with current customers to ensure that we are meeting their expectations and needs. There’s a lot that goes into this, including challenging the assumption that qualitative aspects can’t be scaled.
  2. Which of Discuss’ core values are you most inspired by?
    (Empathize, Collaborate, Obsess, Out Innovate, Excel)
    Obsession drives us. Our team is obsessed with client satisfaction and exceeding expectations. Whether we’re onboarding a new client or collaborating with a current customer, our obsession lies in fulfilling our obligations, enabling our clients to propel their business with next gen research.
  3. Tell us about your team and the mindset (and approach) you’re instilling.
    I consider myself fortunate to collaborate with an incredibly talented and hardworking team, and I’m deeply grateful for the culture they foster within our organization. Last year, our team exceeded expectations by over 100%, and we’re off to an excellent start this year as well.

    Traditionally, qualitative research has been viewed as an archaic business, primarily budgeted and conducted project by project. However, the mindset we’re fostering challenges the notion that qualitative research can’t be scaled—it absolutely can. GenAI has played a significant role in this shift, presenting a massive opportunity for our clients.
  4. What project or initiative are you most proud of at Discuss?
    I’ve had the privilege to be involved in numerous successful projects, but what truly brings me joy is witnessing the success of my team last year. The growth and success we experienced is a testament to the tremendous effort we put into our goals, our work, and our customers. I prioritize cultivating a work environment where employees feel fulfilled and empowered to exceed expectations.
  5. What is something unique about you (a fun fact) that few people know about?
    Before transitioning to Sales in 2013, I worked as a gym teacher. A friend who was a sales recruiter believed I had the potential to excel in the industry, and the rest, as they say, is history. Reflecting on my past role, I believe my experience as a teacher has greatly influenced my approach as a manager. I’ve always believed that active participation is key to effective learning. Learning from mistakes, asking questions, and reflecting on experiences are, in my opinion, the fundamental pillars of learning, and I strive to instill these principles within my team.

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