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The Next Generation of Qualitative Insights

For as long as qualitative research has existed, focus groups have been the go-to methodology for researchers. In fact, a cottage industry has sprung up around them – focus group facilities, qualitative recruiting, and moderating techniques.

While focus group studies still have their place in the world of qualitative research for certain projects, the vast majority can be moved online-with researchers benefitting from the convenience, time and cost savings, and more in-depth insights.


Save Time and Money

For either platform, the obvious benefits are significant dollar and time savings-no facility rental, food and beverages, travel, lodgings or ground transportation (for moderators or clients), or time lost traveling from city to city. In addition, with an online focus group, the project has no geographical boundaries-you can find the best participants, not just those who are available at the right place and right time.


There are two ways to conduct an online focus group:

  • Webcam Interviewing: Real-time platforms where the moderator and participants gather online to have discussions and review stimuli while seeing and hearing each other, just as they would in a facility, but through the use of webcams. Everyone gathers at the same time, sessions last 1.5 – 2 hours, and researchers can see and hear what the participants are saying (intonation, facial gestures, etc.)
  • Bulletin Board Focus Group: Asynchronous (not real-time) text-based platforms that take place over three to five days (for most consumer studies) and allow participants to upload images, videos and even webcam responses. Questions are posted by the moderator and then at some time after that (a minute, an hour, a day), participants log in and answer.


  • Global Reach – We are partners with leading consumer research panels, enabling us to connect you with more than 11 million potential participants. You can easily select suitable participants for an interview or discussion using our built-in screening tool.
  • Real-time – Web-based tools to enable you instantly connect with your target participants for face to face interviews and focus group discussions.
  • Video Analysis – We provide auto generated, keyword-searchable transcript to aid in analysis and production of video clips and including them in your report presentations.
  • Low Cost – Our online qualitative research approach is much more cost-effective compared to traditional methods of conducting focus groups. It is feasible even for small businesses with a limited budget.

4 Reasons to Use Webcam Interviewing for Your Next Online Focus Group

  1. Webcam interviewing makes it easy to show stimuli of nearly any kind-static images, video, PowerPoint presentations and software; participants can even do collaborative mark-up.
  2. Researchers can ask simple polling questions.
  3. The participants (moderator and clients, too) can log in anywhere with a high-speed connection.
  4. At the end of the online focus group, the researcher leaves with a link to a full video recording of the session.