SP Testimonials

Brittani Baxter

I was so happy when I found Discuss — their product is unique and much needed in the online research space.  Our company and product are evolving quickly, and as a result, we frequently find ourselves needing to make quick decisions based on solid...
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Foster Winter

As we’ve been using online qualitative techniques for over 13 years, we know that when technology is involved, it is so very important to have the cooperation, help and a willing attitude of our facility partners. In short — the Discuss team was...
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This is great, I can easily offer this as an option to our clients. I don’t think anyone out there can compete directly with this technology!
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Brooke Rothman

I thoroughly enjoy working with Jim and Zach. They are committed to providing great service for clients and for researchers. Their online technology has allowed me to conduct excellent full service research quickly and efficiently with groups full of...
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Alan Nakanishi

The project helped us not only with our primarily objective (map the campaigns routes and understanding level with consumers) but also help[ed] us with a strategic message definition.
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