Teams and The New Way to Extract More Insights in Less Time

What do a product manager at a global entertainment company, a small customer experience team at an e-commerce platform, and a marketing manager at a beloved CPG brand have in common?

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They could all be sitting on countless hours of Microsoft Teams videos with unlimited potential of bringing that qualitative data to life. Extracting insights, increasing customer empathy across an organization and driving greater business outcomes aren’t achievable when videos are fragmented and locked away on various platforms.

The question all these organizations should be asking: how do we get from customer conversations to insights and outcomes quickly and at scale?

The best solution for both long-term customer closeness planning and immediate insight extraction is to keep all videos — whether from Teams, Zoom, or any other places where customers are — in one place.

If your qualitative research is cobbled together in a fragmented collection of video conferencing platforms, spreadsheet and calendar tools that are wasting time, effort and financial overheads, you are not alone.

Discover what customer-centric and forward thinking teams already know:’s purpose-built platform gives organizations the ability to spend more time talking to customers and less time extracting and sharing insights.

CX Collections,’s latest feature, enables any owned video to be uploaded, unlocking the insights potential of countless customer conversations. Now, anyone leading in-depth conversations has the ability to create libraries of live and recorded videos, enabling them to organize, search and edit. Teams can also analyze those videos with’s Augmented Insights — our full suite of qualitative analytics tools to analyze sentiment, discover new themes and validate hypotheses.

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