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Get Pinpoint Accurate Personas Using Qualitative Research

Whether you need to understand a user base for a go-to-market strategy or are looking to build customer awareness across the business, creating accurate user personas backed by qualitative research is critical.   Why Use Qualitative Research for Personas Accurately defining personas is essential to success in everything from user experience, to product development and marketing. Yet many... Read More

The Post-COVID Consumer: What’s Changed and What Are the Opportunities?

From burnout to boredom, breakdown to even blessings, the COVID-19 pandemic made an indelible impression on consumers across geographies and demographics. While the catalyst was the same - a global public health crisis -  individual experiences have varied widely. As Gillian Tett with the Financial Times put it, “we’re in the same storm, but not the... Read More

Qualitative Research Trends of the Future: A Talk with Jim Longo

Jim Longo is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of A pioneer in the insights industry for over thirty years, he recently shared some of his reflections, observations, and predictions regarding how the pandemic has changed the landscape for qualitative research. 2020 was a disruptive year for most industries, to say the least. How has... Read More