One Unified Platform

Two Distinct Products

Online Consumer In-Depth Interviews (IDI)

Gather detailed, in-depth insights by speaking one-on-one with global consumers.

Online Focus Groups

Understand diverse perspectives by speaking with up to 6 global consumers simultaneously.



Webcam Interviews
Speak with up to 6 simultaneous participants via online focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) and get recorded videos of the sessions.
Programmatic Recruitment
Recruit from your own lists or from a global community of over 15 million people in as little as 48 hours.
Phone Dialing
Connect with respondents who do not have internet access via a phone line in order to bridge them into the video conference.
Whiteboard Tools
Have participants markup stimuli, including images and web pages to gather honest feedback.
Get simultaneous translation to English from other major languages through backroom audio that can be downloaded at the end of the session.
Keep track of participants’ emotions during and after the sessions by flagging their location in the recorded video.
Create highlight reels of pertinent clips using simple “drag and drop” editing tools and bring respondents’ quotes to life. Share clips to collaborate with colleagues.
Download machine or human generated searchable transcripts that are automatically synchronized to the video.
Keyword Search
Search and easily find keywords in their exact location within the video and transcript.

Gain richer consumer insights today