Takeaways Improvements: Customize Questions, Download to Excel, Review and Edit Answers

What are Takeaways?

Takeaways are a series of short questions that are presented at the end of every session. They empower you to collect lightweight, in-the-moment learnings from marketers and researchers while they’re still fresh, and export them for faster analysis. To learn more, see our previous post.

Improvements to Takeaways

Though Takeaways remains in beta, we’re continually working to improve the experience and are pleased to announce the following additions:

Customize Questions

If your research objectives are different, shouldn’t the follow-up questions you ask colleagues be different? We thought so, which is why we now support custom sections and questions for your Takeaways. When enabled for your project, project owners and collaborators will be able to add, edit, and delete Takeaways questions, as well as organize questions into sections.

Download to Excel

Previously, we supported exporting your project’s Takeaways to CSV. Now we allow downloads to Excel and have removed the CSV option.

Review and Edit My Answers

You may not always have time to jot your thoughts down as you’re leaving a session. If you don’t answer your Takeaways in the moment, you can now review, edit, and complete your answers anytime by accessing My Takeaways on your project’s Overview page.

Vote on Takeaways Features

Have you used Takeaways? Please take a moment to share your feedback and vote on where we invest in Takeaways next. This 3-minute survey provides valuable input on our roadmap!